Creative Alignments Community Manager at growing Austin-based, community-building startup in Austin, Texas

GasPedal builds peer communities for the people doing meaningful work at really big companies. We surround them with friends and support so they can achieve their mission -- and this helps them improve the lives of their millions of customers and employees. We love to find these people, support them, help them thrive, and make them stars.

Imagine never having another boring day at work. This is a high-performing, intense, high-energy workplace that lets you do astonishingly good work every day. And we balance it with healthy work policies that send us home, on time, to our families and personal lives. We don't know it all, but we're figuring it out together and having a great time doing it. You'll like our team. We only work with people we like, people who care, and people devoted to the cause. There are no office politics, whiners, slackers, or jerks. (We also reject customers that don't treat our employees well.) We are dedicated and driven -- and you'll enjoy spending your days with us.

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The Community Manager is a people person with operations talent whose mission is to create and grow unmatched:

● Member experience through excellent execution of community management process and attention to detail.

● Member love earned through wow-level service and creating community pride.

● Member health by analyzing community data to focus on the most meaningful work.

You create an amazing member experience through rigorous execution of our community management processes and incredible attention to detail. These processes, which we're always improving as a team, enable us to deliver great quality at scale.

You earn member love with wow-level customer service and extraordinary care. You build strong community culture and pride by connecting members to each other and the group. You track every detail so we can constantly improve how we make members happy.

You're the steward of member health by gathering and analyzing the metrics of our community. You use this data to develop strategies to improve our community, engage our members, and know where to invest our attention, time, and relationships

You're part of a collaborative full-team approach to managing our community. You provide the infrastructure for the community, working with Facilitators and Account Managers who focus on member relationships, content, and conversations.

We are committed to being the best community management team in the world, with people who are dedicated to mastery of the craft. To get this job, you need to show us a genuine interest in that mission, the community's topic, as well as a commitment to community management as a career.

In a nutshell, you're a service-driven people person with badass skills on execution, data, process, and detail.

  • Community management experience. CM experience for a BtoB community is ideal, but we're open to all sorts of backgrounds, especially work with trade associations, membership organizations, or non-profits. Most important is a commitment to mastering the community management profession.

  • Service attitude and outstanding customer service skills: Focused on customer experience, anticipating needs, and recognizing above-and-beyond opportunities to amaze.

  • Process-driven work style: Sophisticated about how work gets done and thrives in a highly process-driven workflow with structure, documentation, and data. Understands the importance of systems to enable us to deliver deep quality at scale. Takes ownership of the work and is always looking for improvements in process and execution.

  • Advanced database skills: Appreciates a database/CRM and community platform -- and uses them well. Exceptional skills around data management and accuracy, reporting, pipelines, and other sophisticated uses that enable us to deliver extraordinary relationships and service at scale.

  • Attention to detail: High standards, verging on perfectionism. Highly aware of the little things and understands that care for the details is our competitive edge. Is in control, with a high level of consistency, reliability, and accuracy.

  • Analytical skills: Can interpret data, draw meaningful conclusions, and decide what needs to happen next. Values data and invests the time to gather and analyze it.

  • Relationship-building skills: Sociable, caring, engaging, and approachable person who can build meaningful relationships and friendships with members on behalf of the organization.

  • Rock-solid time and task management skills: Can stay on plan in a fluid environment, balancing incoming tasks with recurring responsibilities and long-term goals.

  • Fantastic communications skills: High-level verbal and written communication skills in all forms: in person, on the phone, in correspondence, online, and social media. Comfortable and articulate with senior-level executives -- mature, appropriate, and confident.

  • Experience with executives: Understands executives at big companies, what they need, and how to engage them.

  • Proven track record of learning and personal development: Evidence of ongoing self-directed study, mastery of new topics, and professional/personal development.

External Job Title: Community Manager at growing Austin-based, community-building startup

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