POSITION OBJECTIVE: Assist in the development and on-going implementation of manufacturing processes that best utilize available labor, materials and production time. RESPONSIBILITIES A summary of the essential functions of the position includes but are not limited to the following: 1. Develop work instructions for production of custom or transportation products and provide training towards implementation. 2. Create solutions to process problems and implement cost saving process techniques. 3. Interface with production employees, supervisors, engineering personnel, etc. in determination of process requirements. 4. Determine needed tooling for manufacturing operations. 5. Provide input and assistance to materials utilization and ensure materials meet production Specifications. 6. Inspect fixtures and assist in maintaining customer tooling records. 7. Maintain communications with customers on resolution of process problems, tooling and applications related issues. 8. Evaluate and if necessary perform shop-floor duties to maximize position effectiveness. 9. Provide input on need for budget related items i.e., equipment, tools, etc. 10. Assist with other such duties or responsibilities as may be assigned. QUALIFICATIONS: A. Education: Bachelor s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or Chemical Engineering Drafting/AutoCAD design training preferred. B. Experience: Minimum 2-4 years manufacturing process development background and hands on experience with implementation and employee training. C. Special Skills: Preferred: Speak English/Spanish fluently and be capable of documenting complex technical procedures in English/Spanish. POSITION DIMENSIONS: A. Employees directly supervised: 0 Note: Molded Fiber Glass / Texas retains the discretion to add to or change the duties of the position at any time.