Will comply with all authorized and appropriate regulations, directives, standards operating procedures, written and verbal instructions issued by the air force or TRDI. Preparing in large quantities meat, poultry, fish, starches, vegetables, gravies, soups, sauces, roasts, meat pies, fricasses, casseroles, stews and other related items for a meal and direct and instruct cook I as to requirements. Ensure the required items in accordance with the production log are prepared. Check work of subordinates by inspecting food quality and quantity during and after preparation for conformance with prescribed standards. Ensure compliance with the world wide menus, uses of standard recipes. Request subsistence from storeroom personnel. Assign individual as to what items to prepare listed on the production log. Ensure food is prepared on time. Assign grill, back-up and fry cook, deli and line server. Ensure serving line and food items are garnish and set up properly. Instruct and ensure progressive cooking techniques are being used. Ensure refrigerator s temperatures are log on chart. Taste test food items, while being prepared. Ensure all leftover have been cover, time and date all food items before putting in the refrigerator; also noted on the production log. Assign a cook to handle in-flight meal requests. Advise line servers on the proper serving portions of each item being served. Ensure food is being replenished on line. Ensure good customer services techniques are being conducted. Ensure line free of spills and food debris; pans are being changed out when needed. Ensure an appropriate sanitizing agent is behind all lines and in the kitchen area. Check food temperatures during meal assuring temperatures maintains 140 degree. Ensure all items are input into cash registers and menu boards. Ensure facility is opens 15 minutes prior to meal open. Advise facility manager of rations shortages, to eliminate the possibility of running out of food during meal. Conduct all the job training. Ensure subordinates practices good sanitation techniques. Ensure at close of meal all food is removed from line, dispose properly, leftovers and waste log is completed. Ensure all excess food is returned to storeroom. Ensure facility is secure at close of meal. Comply with energy conservation and recycling programs. Complies and follows appropriate Food Handlers Safety Components. Other tasks a maybe directed by the Project Manager/Supervisor.