TRDI Mess Attendant in SAN ANTONIO, Texas

Perform a variety of services to includes be not limited to bussing tables, washing pots, sweeping, mopping, handling food, line server and cleaning equipment, in accordance with the standards established by the Air Force. Set up and bus tables, rotate bussing carts to clipper room, clean dining area in accordance with the standards established. Wash all dishes, glasses, silverware and serving trays, check all items for cleanliness. Clean all pots, pans, serving lines counter, specialty bars, cooling utensils, sheet pans, baking pan, kitchen equipment, tables in kitchen area and warmers. Clean all floors, walls, baseboards and all walk-in storage area, including refrigerators, freezers, dairy boxes and dry storage rooms. Vacuum all rugs and carpets and spot clean spills as required. Sweep, damp mop all walk areas as required. Dust, damp wipe and polish woodwork, doors, tables, counter chairs and cashier s stands and service areas. Dust, clean windows, hose down entrance ways, steps and loading docks around dining facilities. Replace soda and CO2 containers. Restock silverware, bowls, plates, dessert sauces and glasses during and after meals. Restock paper towels, toilet paper and hand soap dispensers. Disassemble and clean dishwasher after each uses. Clean and sanitize dining tables top after each use, chairs, table base and legs. Clean ovens, deep fat fryers and pass through warmers and other types of food cabinets. Clean all hoods grease trays and drains. Remove all removable soda nozzles and parts, cleaned and sanitized; reassembled. Maintain a neat personal appearance. Use proper customer service techniques. Comply with energy conservation and recycling programs. Other tasks as may be directed by the Project Manager/Supervisor.