GLOBAL TUBING LLC Service Spooling Tech Hiring Event in DAYTON, Texas

HIRING EVENT Global Tubing s service center covers a large area that is both covered and uncovered. Be aware of the following working conditions:  Exposure to the elements throughout the day/night  Exposure to loud noises  Exposure to stored energy Responsibilities: Operates levelwind to roll tubing accurately to insure and maintain the highest quality Operates levelwind correctly to insure proper placement of tubing whether performing payoff or take-up levelwinding function Visually observes and inspects tubing while spooling for damage or problems Does not hesitate to stop a job to investigate more closely a potential problem or issue with the tubing Understands what it takes to setup and take down each job and performs tasks without having to be directed Demonstrates a clear understanding of the job details and anticipates the next step without hesitation Communicates with other crew members in a manner that demonstrates team effort Physical Requirements: Physical strength and ability to perform moderate to heavy manual labor, including frequent bending, walking and heavy lifting, and pushing / pulling heavy loads for extended periods under dirty and uncomfortable conditions and in all types of weather as necessary Must be able to lift 50 lbs. and carry that weight distances of 50 or more Other Requirements: Must have knowledge of safe work practices Must have knowledge of basic mathematics, such as addition and subtraction of fractions and decimals Must be able to read and understand training materials Must be able to wear required safety equipment Attends safety meetings and all training classes as required